Table Tennis League


Hoops Sports Bar & Racquet Sports proudly presents our recreational Table Tennis Leagues! The fast paced, skillful and fun competition is played at various locations around Melbourne! Racquet Sports welcomes both male and female participants of all skill levels. Divisions will be sorted based upon skill level and total participation.

How the Pub League works:

STEP 1.) After signing up, Racquet Sports will provide you contact details of your weekly opponents.

STEP 2.) You the player, will then schedule a time that suits both you and your opponent to play a best of 3 game table tennis match.

STEP 3.) Go to the Pub at your agreed time, get your score card from the bartender (and your weekly pub deal for being apart of Racquet Sports)

STEP 4.) Play your match!

STEP 5.) Fill out your score card and return it to the bartender!

STEP 6.) Check the online fixture to see how you rank in your league. This will determine your seed for the end of season knock out tournament. If you win the end of season tournament you will be forever immortalised on the walls of your Pub via the Golden Racquet!


For more information or to sign up head to