Parmageddon 2019

It’s back folks!

Thats right, Parmageddon is back for its second glorious year of parmery-goodness! AND ITS BEEN EXTENDED FOR TWO WEEKS!

• 10 all new Parmas to try
• 2 NEW challenges
Les’ RING OF FIRE Challenge- For those who love the HEAT
Mixed Grill Parma Challenge- For those BIIG Eaters!



Smashed Avo Parma $26 We may not be able to afford houses, but damn we know how to enjoy avocado! & this parma is no exception: 
Hoops hand crumbed chicken schnitzel topped with smashed avo, roasted cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta & cracked black pepper. 

Brekkie Parma $24
Chicken schnitzel topped with bacon, fried egg, baby spinach, hash brown & a side of hollandaise sauce. 

Pesto Parma $22
Chicken schnitzel topped with basil pesto, mixed cheese, buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomato & fresh basil leaves. 

Grilled Veg Parma $22
Chicken schnitzel topped with marinated eggplant, zucchini, red capsicum, kalamata olives & crumbled feta.
*Available as a vegetarian crumbed eggplant parma.

Mixed Grill Parma $30
Chicken schnitzel topped with minute steak, sliced chorizo, grilled tomato slices, caramelised onion, bacon, fried egg & mixed cheese with a side of gravy. 

The Blues Parma $25 
Southern fried chicken breast, ham, smokey BBQ sauce, sweet potato mash, cheese sauce & onion rings.

“I’m on a diet” Parma $22
Grilled chicken breast, napoli, shredded ham, baby spinach, marinated red capsicum, basil pesto & feta. 
*Available as vegetarian crumbed eggplant parma, removing chicken & ham. 

Pommy Parma $25
Chicken schnitzel, topped with HP sauce, bacon, sausage, baked beans & mixed cheese. 

Buffalo Parma $26
Chicken schnitzel with buffalo mozzarella, traditional buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing topped with buffalo wings. 
*Traditional buffalo is milder than the Hoops ‘not so’ mild sauce, if you love our sauce, members can substitute it in! 

Cheesy Garlic Parma $22 
Chicken schnitzel topped with minced garlic, cheese mix & chopped parsley.